The Habit Babes

We’re so happy you’re here!

We’re Brynne + Megan, and we know there is so much more to life than just checking the boxes. We know that chasing (and achieving!) big dreams is entirely possible, and does NOT have to mean sacrificing your wellbeing. That’s why we started HABITbabes.

Life gets busy, and when it does, we have a way of prioritizing others, while completely forgetting about ourselves…and that’s when things start to get ugly. Creating sustainable habits + routines that nourish you can be HARD, but when you have the support of other like-minded women, it becomes so much easier. 

Imagine creating a life you love waking up to Every. Single. Day. One that is driven by purpose. One where you are achieving your goals + dreams with ease.

We are here to make that happen for YOU. Welcome to the gang, babe!

The Habit Practice Podcast

The Habit Practice Podcast brings you authentic and informative conversations about creating and sustaining healthy routines.

We share our learnings from our own experiences, and talk about what works and doesn’t for us. And we partner with experts and inspirational people to discuss all things in the well-being world and beyond.

In each episode, we tell you actually HOW to form new habits.

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